Money 4 You Loans offers Installment Loans as a more convenient option for our customers. Installment loans do not require a local checking account or physical checks. No collateral checks and no checking account required! All we require is a Picture ID and Proof of Income. No credit or bad credit? We can still get you approved.

Installment loans do not have any costly application or upfront fees and allow the loan to be split up into fixed equal payments term duration of the loan. Money 4 You Loans offers Installment Loans from 60 Days all the way up to 18 Months. Each payment will pay towards your principal balance. Don’t need the loan for 6 months? No problem! You can pay the loan in full AT ANY TIME and only pay for the interest you used! This gives you control of getting the loan paid off early and saving money!

Installment loans offer an interest rate that is very competitive and lower than the traditional payday loan annual percentage rates. When you make your payment each payday, you are establishing the on-time payments that are required to receive a lower interest rate on future new loans. It’s that easy! Your on-time payments equal a lower annual percentage rate on future loans with Money 4 You Loans.

Payments are easy and will be automatically deducted on your payday. You can call us to make additional payments at any time or stop by any of our locations!

Installment loans offer a higher credit limit than payday loans, all the way up to $5,000. Bring in your pay stub and we can get your credit limit established. On-time payments not only give you lower interest rates but can also increase your credit limit.

Installment loans help you get out of the payday loan cycle. You are paying less in interest and your payments bring down your principal each time. No more big balances are due at the maturity of the contract! You can refinance your loan to receive additional cash back, lower interest, or smaller payments. We have the options that will help you be successful!

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