It’s that time of year! The holiday decorations, the annual events, the shopping, and the spending. Finally, there’s often the struggle with holiday debt. At Money 4 You, we offer a better way for our customers to manage financing to help with holiday funding. Our installment loan option offers significant benefits to our customers compared to taking expensive payday loans. Installment loans don’t require collateral, and you don’t have to pay back the entire loan within just a few weeks, with typically hefty interest added.

No Expensive Fees Upfront

There are no origination fees or other surprise upfront costs when applying for an installment loan with Money 4 You. Plus, instead of paying the whole loan back in one big payment with all the interest added and due all at once, you can pay much smaller payments and stretch those out over a period of months. That approach takes the pain out of the holidays and leaves just the fun!

Pay Your Loan Off Early Without Penalties and Save

From every installment payment, you make with Money 4 You, a portion is applied to paying off the loan principal. Many lenders apply nothing you pay to the principal balance until the interest is all paid first. This means you can pay off your loan at Money 4 You at any time and only pay interest for the weeks or months you had the loan. So, you can much better control the total amount of interest you end up paying.

Lower Interest Rates than Payday Loans

Instead of paying extremely high-interest rates for payday loans, installment loans offer lower annual percentage rates. Plus, as you repay your installment loan, you establish good a good payment history and qualify for lower interest rates on future loans. This makes managing your loan balance and your holiday budget much easier.

Higher Loan Limits than Payday Loans

With an installment loan, you can qualify for a higher loan amount than with a payday loan — possibly as much as $5,000. Just bring in your most recent pay stub, and we will quickly determine your credit limit for you. After you pay your payments on time, that qualifies you for increased loan amounts at lower interest rates in the future.

You Have More Time to Repay Your Loan

Installment loans for holidays typically come with convenient payment methods, including auto-pay directly from your bank account. You can pay additional amounts whenever you wish to help reduce your interest and pay your loan off faster.

Gets You Out of the Payday Loan Rut!

A huge benefit of choosing an installment loan is that it can finally break you out of the routine of getting one payday loan after another every pay period. Because you can make much smaller payments and pay less interest with installment loans for holiday cash, it can be easier to regain control of your monthly budget after the shopping season is over.

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